The best deal Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked 64GB – Midnight Black

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the best deal of $399.99 with 64GB internal memory. This deal is a must-have for all the fast phone lovers. Samsung is offering a variety of deals to its consumers on Amazon. The size and the body shape make it a perfect match for your palm. The screen is not too big and have wonderful colors. The screen size is 5.8″ and the battery is 3000mAh.

Now the best part is that the keys of HOME, BACK and MINIMIZE are not attached to the device as an external part, instead, all three options are now part of the Android OS System. So it will be visible when you want. This means more screen space and scroll less. This feature was very much needed and it was in Motorola Android sets before.

The OS is Android 7.0 (Nougat) with 4GB RAM and Octa-Core 2.35Ghz processor. The front camera is 8MP and the back camera is 12MP. Samsung says that the video playtime is up to 17hrs.

Buy this lightning-fast mobile device with cheapest rates. This deal can be bought from the following link:

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